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Gallery Patricia Lovett MBE Calligraphy IlluminationGold leaf

Gallery Patricia Lovett MBE Calligraphy IlluminationGold leaf



I felt it very important to include projects which are very simple and cheap to do (gold leaf is expensive!)

Illmn 2




Illmn 5

... there was an item in the news about crowd-funding to raise money to develop a font for computers. The font was based on the handwriting of Albert ...


Calligraphy, Georgia Angelopoulos

Josie Brown Calligraphy Heraldry Illumination ~ Gilding Gallery



I then heard that the requirement was for no flourishes and a black and white image so adjusted things accordingly. The space below the citation on the ...

Patricia Lovett, another small piece

Illmn 6

Patricia Lovett 2018

Patricia Lovett 2018

This book was published by the British Library in May 2017, and is pretty much what it says – the art and history of calligraphy!

Ann Hechle. image17 Patricia Lovett ...

Lovett P 6 copy

Georgia Angelopoulos. Composition in progress in Greek, Latin and English. Gouache and 23.75

Patricia Lovett MBE/Woodland Trust 2017




This delightful little book was written by calligrapher and illuminator Graily Hewitt (1864–1952). It's the text of the Holy Communion written out for ...

Patricia Lovett 2018

Patricia Lovett 2018

Peter Thornton gold leaf.


Patricia Lovett 2018



Illuminated Manuscript "E" by ~stinkmeaner

Georgia Angelopoulos. "Letters are symbols which turn matter into spirit." (Alphonse. Calligraphy ...

Patricia Lovett 2018

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And here two elegant goats, with the 'original' being copied in front. Notice the shine of real gold leaf on the vellum!

Suzanne Moore - Amusings [detail]

Suitable paper: photocopying paper is good – the boxes above were made with red and green 100 gsm photocopying paper on which I had printed the 'Happy ...

Peculiar Stories and Occasional Calligraphy

Once all the decisions had been made, I prepared the vellum (see my Illumination DVD and Illumination: Gold and Colour book here), ruled the lines and mixed ...

Winner 6 years-old and under

Patricia Lovett 2018

Illumination Book & DVD Special Offer

Cornelissen's Window during London Craft Week

Page from Book of Hours

poetic verse surrounds letter G with Kingfisher

Paper should be cut into two squares, one with sides 11 cm long (the lid) and one with sides 10·5 cm (the base).

Lovett course

Nine year-olds

The book is bound in a dark leather with a gilded cross, and vine leaves and bunches of grapes in each corner (from 'I am the vine, you are the branches', ...

Patricia Lovett 2018

Fold in each corner so that the tip touches the point where the lines cross.

And finally, the image is finished, with a 1920s-style tennis player with a rather nifty backhand!

Seven years-old



Irene Wellington

Another wonderful dancing black and white artwork.

images His new book – Cræft – How Traditional Crafts are About More Than Just Making – shows this fascination with craft to excellent effect.

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Illuminated Letters, Alphabet, Calligraphy, Ornaments, Illuminated Manuscript, Drop Cap, Typography, Feathers, Penmanship

Usually the calligraphy should be completed first, as it's easier to correct painting than it is lettering, but I had been doing a lot of calligraphy, ...


Winner for seven and eight year-olds.

Image result for jean larcher design

Four year-olds and under

Patricia Lovett and Lord Sackville 7oaks Library-1


day lily © patricia lovett 2014


We had an early start at the London University Palæography International Summer School to ensure that the images of mediæval beasts were transferred on to ...

My latest calligraphy one- off; simple italic with Chinese decoration and symbol for "love." piece awaits the two Chinese chops which I'll stamp on the ...



gold leaf on vellum


Jan Mehigan


Letters After Lindisfarne | Sue Smith


Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of their founding, Wiltshire based Royal Artillery welcomed her Majesty The


Illmn 1

PATER a.jpg


German, New York Public Library, Spencer Collection, NYPL Spencer 107

letter B Melisende

SW 4

what shall we offer thee.jpg

Very pretty Gothic hand - Book of the Passion of Saint Margaret the Virgin, with